lion's butt the day after his spanking
This is Lion’s butt this afternoon. You can see that I’ve left him some interesting mementos of last night’s spanking.
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I thought I was tired yesterday. Boy, was I wrong! Today is the tired day. I can barely keep my eyes open. Maybe yesterday was tired and today is exhausted. In any case, before I can collapse I have to take the dog to her bath appointment and pick her up. Maybe tomorrow I can relax but I doubt it.

Last night I did have enough energy to give Lion a good butt whomping. It was a pretty good one. I left a lot of marks. Usually I divide the fifteen whacks between his cheeks. Sometimes I hit flat across both. I don’t know which is worse for him but I’d guess hitting both cheeks would be. Neither side gets a rest in those cases. Lion was able to stay perfectly still for the entire performance. He yelped but didn’t even twitch.

lion's bruised bottom
This is Lion’s butt last night. You can see that I raised some welts and bruised Lion’s butt last night. He says it still hurts now.
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I took pictures so we have evidence for our experiment. I used the new paddle which is exactly the same as the paddle with the holes in it. It didn’t make any difference. Lion still had some little red dots. This time, however, I left him with some welts. I’m not sure if it was because I hit uncharted territory or if it was because I was hitting a little harder than I have been. I know he has a bruise where he normally bruises on the side of his cheek. The welts seemed to disappear and I don’t know if they’ll develop into bruises or not.

It doesn’t really matter to me if I bruise Lion. I just want him to feel the spanking for a while. He’s still feeling it this morning so I guess that’s mission accomplished.


  1. Very nice spanking welts! Poor lion… tee hee

    1. Indeed! Humph!

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