Maybe Some Progress

Lion managed to eat a large sandwich from Blimpie’s yesterday. The whole thing. Well, minus the tithe owed to the dog from most things we eat at home. He even suggested we go out for dinner. I’m glad he’s eating again and the fact that he can finish his food is a big deal. By the time dinner rolled around, however, we both realized that going out to eat after having such a big lunch was not the best idea. We’ll try for tonight.

Being able to eat did nothing for the issue of Lion’s snoozing a lot. He spent most of the time “watching” TV actually napping. Then, of course, sleeping at night was a problem. He did manage to get some sleep although he woke up when the dog needed to go out at 7:30. He’s usually able to sleep a little longer than that.

Needless to say, there was no hanky or panky happening last night. Each time he woke up I figured he’d be ready for action, but soon after he nodded off again. As the time moved along, I wondered if he’d say it was too late for play. Then again, he was snoozing so he should have been somewhat refreshed. Sadly, there was no joy in Mudville. On the plus side, yesterday didn’t count toward our five days off. Today is the first day of the rest of our play.

In Lion’s post this morning, he says the picture of his erect penis in the new locking cock ring is the first one I’ve said I like. I’m not going to go sifting through all of our posts and emails, but I’m pretty sure I’ve said I like other pictures of my weenie, erect or not. I do like the live version much better, obviously, but Mr. Weenie is very photogenic. I guess we’ll agree to disagree.

As far as not liking the new ring is concerned, I haven’t really seen much of it. Lion has been huddled under the covers for the most part and sleeping a good portion of the time. Other than the night it went on, when have a really had a chance to interact with it? I’m hoping I’ll catch more than a passing glimpse over the next few days.

Other than a possible trip to the grocery store, we have no plans of shopping. The stores will be insane and I leave them to the last minute shoppers and the poor retail workers who must help them. I do not need anything badly enough that I can’t order it online and have it delivered. Happy shopping if you are one of the diehard last minute deal hunters.

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