You Snooze, They Lose

Lion spent a lot of time snoozing yesterday. This included the evening. Somewhere around 9:30 he woke up. I was waiting for him to ask if we were going to do anything sexual, but he didn’t.

We’ve been having sort of a disconnect lately. Lion will snooze in the early evening and then wonder why we don’t play earlier. Or he’ll snooze till 9 and wonder why we don’t play at all. Maybe my “schedule” is geared to play early too and when we don’t do it, I lose interest.

Neither of us knows why he snoozes so much. There’s been no recent change in medication. For the past few days, with the exception of last night, he’s been sleeping well at night. Why would he be so tired during the day? But obviously, if he snoozes during the day, he doesn’t sleep at night. And then he needs to snooze during the day to make up for not sleeping at night. It’s a vicious cycle.

I can’t profess to having perfect sleep. There are days I’m falling asleep at my desk. I think the difference is that if I snooze a bit when I get home, it’s only for a bit. And then I’m awake again. Lion doesn’t even realize he’s been sleeping. He’ll insist it’s only been a few minutes when it’s been almost an hour. It may be time to ask the doctor.

In addition to Lion snoozing, we also watched the Giants lose. Yet again. If anything should put him to sleep, it should have been the game. I think he might have snoozed during some of it. He didn’t miss much.

I’m hoping Lion can be awake enough to play tonight. I can’t get him to the edge if I can’t wake him up. This might be part of the problem with not being able to get him to the edge consistently anymore. Sexual narcoplepsy. If there is such a thing, I wonder if it means sleeping through sex rather than having sleep affect sex. In any case, I’m not giving up.

To be fair, Lion always says to wake him up. I feel bad. If he’s sleeping, he must need it. Plus, waking him up is no guarantee I’ll be able to edge him. He has been known to fall asleep in the middle of a hand job. That’s usually the only time I feel bad about him not being able to perform. Am I really that unexciting that he falls asleep in the middle of a hand job? Sheesh!

[Lion — I wish I could understand it too. When I fall asleep, much of the time I’m not aware I even did it. If I’m watching TV, I’ll be surprised that I’m near the end of the story when I only remember seeing things start. I don’t fall asleep during sex very often. I don’t think it’s a reflection of my interest or disinterest. I have absolutely no idea what is happening. Maybe it is time to see a doctor.]


  1. How is Mr. Lion’s blood sugar?

    1. Thanks for asking. My blood sugar is a quite excellent A1c of 6.3.

  2. I would definitely talk to your doc. There are a lot of things that can be involved. Does Lion snore? It could be a sleep apnea thing. They will have him sleep with a recording oximeter on for a night to check that… can do it at home. Check his thyroid function and testosterone while there (simple blood test).

    Good luck. They can do amazing things with meds these days.

  3. All my life I have easily fallen asleep. During movies or meetings. While reading. At church. It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m interested in what is going on around me. It sometimes really bothers my Queen. Apparently my second daughter has also inherited this skill. Only she doesn’t call it a skill.

    1. If I could do it at will, then I would consider it a skill. I can’t.

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