Aborted Mission

I unlocked Lion last night for some fun. He got hard almost immediately. He seemed ready for fun. Until he wasn’t. I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t started out with any clothespins or spanking. I’m not sure that was it. He said he just didn’t think he could get any more excited. Fair enough. I told him I’d snuggle with him and keep fondling my weenie. He thought that was a nice idea until he started coughing again and needed to sit up.

I planned on locking him back up before bed. I forgot to tell him to remind me and I only remembered in the middle of the night. When he reminded me in the morning that he was still wild, I told him about my nighttime realization. He wondered why I hadn’t awakened him up to put the cock ring back then. I suppose I could have, but that seemed silly to me. He probably wouldn’t have been able to go back to sleep and then I would have been awake.

No thank you.

Besides, I’d have to unlock him again today when I wax him. I plan to do one chunk of Lion today and another chunk on another day, rinse and repeat, until he’s hair-free where we want him hair-free. It may seem ridiculous to parse it out like that but being bent over, applying wax and then yanking said wax off is murder on my back and legs. I’ve found that smaller sessions work best. Since no one sees a naked Lion but me, and the occasional pictures he posts here, it’s not a problem if he’s half furry and half bald. He’ll be a walking before and after picture for a day or so.

We also have a football game to watch. Lion is charging the shock collar and I’ll bring out the larger tenderizer paddle. It just occurred to me that I’ll have to come up with a super version of our football game for the Super Bowl. I could test out some concepts during the playoffs to get ready for the big game. It’s sad that football season is almost over. But that just means I have to find different ways to play Zap the Lion.

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  1. To Caged Lion. I think you should abandon the locking device and revert to the Jailbird. I am proud to wear my Queen’s Keep for my Queen and, for me, the idea of wearing a locking device would feel decidedly ‘fake’. robert

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