A Nice Christmas Stocking Lion Stuffer

candy cane dildo
Tasty anal decoration. This 1″ diameter glass candy cane should look festive in my bottom.
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We’re both recovering slowly. I’ve been getting holiday ads from various adult suppliers. It’s always difficult to maintain the holiday spirit when one’s butt is in the air. The Stockroom offered just the item for Mrs. Lion Santa to use this year.

While whimsical, this toy is a solid addition to our anal collection. It’s made of borate glass (Pyrex) and is safe for dishwasher, boiling, etc. It’s thick enough to let me know I have a visitor without being so wide it will cause constant pain.

What particularly appeals to me is the irony. There’s a certain humiliation in being “decorated” with a candy cane, even if it is glass, firmly up my ass. Of course, as soon as we’re back in action, Mrs. Lion will take a holiday snapshot of me modeling this latest addition.

Glass toys offer some nice benefits. One is that glass will retain its temperature for a while. So, if you chill your candy cane before inserting, there will be some interesting sensations for the lucky recipient. Don’t put the glass in the freezer.You won’t hurt the candy cane, but you can injure the recipient. Similarly,  if you warm it first, don’t make it too warm. You don’t want to burn delicate tissues.

Of course, use plenty of lube. I’m told that Icy Hot or Ben Gay are nice and slippery and impart a holiday scent as well.  You can wash the toy in the dishwasher when you are done. You can even boil it.

It’s the perfect gift for the boy who needs something.

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  1. Whoa… icy hot or Ben gay as lube for an anal toy??? That’s just nasty!! I’m quivering just thinking of it. ?

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