candy cane dildo
Tasty anal decoration. This 1″ diameter glass candy cane should look festive in Lion’s bottom.

Between carrying wood in for the fire on our last day of no power, and giving Lion an orgasm, my wanking arm got sore. I’m sure it’s from carrying the wood in and not from Lion’s wood. (See what I did there? Huh? Huh?) It takes a day or two for my body to decide it wants to respond with pain, so sometimes I can’t figure out why I’m hurting. It’s my bicep on the proximal end so my shoulder is having sympathy pains as well. Yesterday I did a little too much. Today I’m trying very hard not to move it.

Poor Lion. That means no wanking for tonight. I can, however, do other things. A few weeks ago we got a set of three butt plugs in various sizes. They have a heart-shaped gem on the end. The smallest one is useless but the others look usable. Perhaps I’ll try one tonight. And I won’t promise to keep my hands completely to myself. I’m sure my sore arm will wander down to my weenie while we snuggle. There just won’t be any vigorous tugging.

heart butt plugs.
These are Lion’s Valentines buttplugs. I think we’ll start using them tonight.

It’s been a while since I’ve shoved anything up Lion’s ass. We never even used the candy cane dildo he got around Christmas. It’s on the counter in the bathroom, as is the NJoy butt plug. They are reminders that I could shove something up there, but I haven’t.

I think part of the reason is that at one point I talked about wanting to fist him. We were on our way to training his ass to take bigger and bigger dildos and plugs. I don’t remember why we stopped but we did. Now I don’t really care if I can fist him. Lion wants to continue the training, but I don’t know if it’s because I had the goal of fisting him or if he just really wants to be trained. [Lion — I just want to be trained]

lion with dildo up his ass
Lion in an anal training session. Maybe we should start these again.

I look at the butt plugs as just another form of play. They work when I’m tired. They work when I’m sore. It’s a way to play with Lion without playing with Lion. It’s a sort of autopilot. Put it in. Wait. Take it out. Lion feels my power. Who else would shove a plug up his ass? He’s reminded of it every time he moves. And then it’s gone.

We’ll need to discuss the virtues of butt plugs. Are they just another form of play or does he want to be trained? They are two very different concepts. I suppose if he wants to be trained, we can continue without taking away the butt plug as a form of play. I’ll just have to be very clear which it is when I shove it in.