Sick Ward Again

Lion went to the doctor to find out if the new medications were making him sleepy and came home with a cough. Obviously that wasn’t the result he was looking for. Now we’re both coughing. As is usually the case, I am still mobile. I went to work all last week and I’m planning a trip to the store to get needed supplies like OJ and cough medicine. Then I’ll come home and hunker down under the covers with Lion.

Neither of us are thinking about sex. I’m mostly thinking of sleep and Lion is just trying to breathe without collapsing into a coughing fit. I think he did get some sleep last night after spending most of Thursday night awake. Other than coughing, the biggest problem for him is eating. He’s not hungry and nothing tastes good. I’ve managed to get some yogurt in him and some toast. Every little bit helps. When I hit the store I’ll get some oatmeal. Simple bland things are the way to go, I think.

The other night I gave Lion a ruined orgasm. I hadn’t meant to give him one. I was planning on edging him and making him wait. Oops. The next day he asked if I would try to give him another ruined orgasm right after he had one. We’ve never tried that. He’s said it might work. When we’re feeling better we’ll have to give it a shot. Of course, he won’t necessarily get one right away. I do still want to make him wait for an orgasm. I know he’s been waiting for a few days already. I mean when he actually wants one. He hasn’t really been frustrated lately. I should spend some time getting him back in the habit of being horny and not allowing him to come. Then I can spring the multiple ruined orgasms on him.

For now, though, I’ll just concentrate on keeping him alive through his cold. Good thing we have lots of soup on hand.