lion orgasm frequency chart
Lion’s orgasms by month for 2018.

Our practice of male chastity has made changes in both of us. The biggest change, I think, is that we are both consciously aware of my ejaculations. This appears to be true of many guys who practice this. We keep track of when we come and how many orgasms we have during any period of time. I’ve been tracking my orgasms since January 2016.

I started so that I would remember my performance over time. Mrs. Lion doesn’t keep track all the time. She’s usually aware of how long it’s been since my last ejaculation. Sometimes she asks me and I refer to the spreadsheet. I don’t think it is particularly useful to keep these statistics. I just want to know.

The reason, I think, is because male chastity focuses on my orgasms. Since they are never up to me, keeping track gives me a sort of control over the process. Let’s face it, this kind of sexual surrender focuses a guy’s attention on his cock. It’s not that we don’t think about them anyway, but being locked up and controlled by a partner makes our dicks even more interesting to us.

For example, how many couples spend any time discussing the state of the man’s penis? “Are you horny today, dear?” is a question most wives never ask. The point is that for most, sex is something that you do in the dark. Even if you are kinky, non-bedroom conversation doesn’t generally include penis talk.

I realize that there is wide variation in terms of how interested keyholders are in the mechanics of enforced male chastity. Some have no interest at all in the hardware. The man locks and unlocks himself. She keeps the key. Mrs. Lion is more involved. She locks and unlocks me. I, however, do the hardware shopping. She’s shown no interest in what chastity device I wear. She trusts my choices will do the job.

She’s involved in the process. She likes teasing me and owning every single orgasm I have. She also likes my semen. She considers the hardware as something I want. Her interest is that I keep my paws to myself. If she feels I might not be trusted, then she will get very interested in me wearing a chastity device.

How many wives are aware of how often their husbands ejaculate? How many guys keep track? Male chastity puts a focus on the penis that doesn’t exist without the practice. I wonder how many women even think about penises? I’m sure they think about sex, but not necessarily the penis in isolation. I wonder how many women can identify their partner’s penis in a “lineup”? I wonder how many guys can identify their own? Whatever the number, I’m sure that couples practicing male chastity will score higher.

After five years of this, it’s unlikely that our penis focus will change. It’s become something we share. I carry it around and Mrs. Lion owns it and controls it. I’m pretty sure that most other couples don’t think of it that way.


  1. “I carry it around and she owns and controls it”, what a perfect line!
    I often tell my wife that she owns the penis. Whether she thinks that she owns it or not, she does control it,
    I carry it around and try not to be controlled by it.

    1. Author

      It does have a force field of its own. 🙂

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