Not Broken, Dammit!

I have to say, it really bugs me when Lion says he’s broken. I don’t think it normally does, but I just wrote in a post the other day that he’s not broken. Any recent issues are most likely because we’ve been sick and haven’t been doing anything. Then he turns around and says it last night. It’s annoying.

He was hard and on his way when he asked if I could try something different. I got the Magic Wand and things progressed again. Until they didn’t. And that’s what prompted the broken comment. I’m thinking of making a rule about using that phrase.

To be clear, I am sympathetic. I want him to be able to have orgasms. I want to be able to get him to the edge. I want him to want sex. I just think he puts too much pressure on himself and saying he’s broken only compounds it. Would he tell me he’s not able to finish because I’m not doing enough to help him? I doubt it. That would hurt my feelings. Then why does he say he’s broken? Doesn’t that hurt his feelings?

I’m going to keep trying to arouse him and get him to the edge until I hear from someone with a medical degree who declares Lion officially broken. In the meantime, any mention of his being broken will push me closer to punishing him for saying it. Maybe that’s what Lion needs. Perhaps a “gentle” reminder of what happens when he displeases me is in order even if it isn’t a rule yet. That might get the juices flowing again.