More Chances for Swats

Yesterday the Seahawks played the Rams. Our Giants don’t play until tonight so Lion suggested playing our football game for both games. Silly boy. I guess he really wanted to give me an opportunity to test out my new paddles.

I brought out both tenderizers and the new spoon. I can’t really tell which I like better. I started out with the spoon. It’s longer and gives more leverage, but the larger tenderizer has more weight to it. I think it would depend what my intention was. Am I trying to bruise or at least target one specific area? I’d use the spoon. Am I trying for overall coverage and “bigger” swats? I’d use the larger tenderizer.

Actually, they can both be used for a general play spanking. I might end with the spoon if I was looking for a bruise. In truth, I only look for a bruise when Lion mentions it. I know he likes to feel the whomps for a long time. I don’t know that bruises are the only way to feel it for a long time, but Lion thinks it is.

In order to get the feel of the paddles I’ll need more research. I don’t think I can tell by swatting three or seven times and then stopping until the next score. I’ll either have to use them during a punishment or play spanking.

Speaking of punishments, I decided yesterday to up the ante. Lion has to alert me to punishment day by 8:30 pm on Mondays and Thursdays. If he fails to do so, he gets punished. He gets tripped up when we’re on vacation and he doesn’t have to send me an email since he usually tells me by email. In order to to add to the possibility of punishments, I added Saturday as a new punishment day. It’s a day he normally wouldn’t be sending me an email. I wonder if he’ll forget Saturdays more often than the other days. I wonder if I’ll forget Saturdays too since I’m often the forgetful one. We shall see.

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