I just have to say it: I love Freddie Mercury. There. It’s out of my system now and we can move on.

We got home from seeing “Bohemian Rhapsody” about 10 pm and I figured it was too late to do anything. I had to take a shower and then let my hair dry a bit. Lion wanted to snuggle. Given his purring, it was clear he was looking for more than snuggling. It definitely wasn’t the time for blindfolds and menthol rub, but I could give him some attention.

It took a bit of effort to get him to the edge. It might have been the late hour or the fact that we didn’t have much of a warm up. He got there eventually. As I was getting him ever closer to the edge, it occurred to me that his recent request for more ruined orgasms can work in my favor. I can get him even closer to the edge without worrying about going too far. If I do then it looks like a meant to give him a ruined orgasm. Win-win. Well, not necessarily for Lion, but for me.

In other news, Lion wants me to enforce the interrupting and know-it-all rules as well as any time he annoys me. This is difficult for me. Spilling food and eating first are manufactured rules. They started off almost as play that sent a different message. These new rules are real. They have meaning. It’s true that Lion is a neater eater and waits for me to eat first so the manufactured rules really did affect change in him. But they were inconsequential rules. Who really care if Lion eats first or spills food?

It’s hard enough for me to tell Lion when he’s done something to upset me. Punishing him for it is a lot harder. Is it insurmountable? I don’t think so, but it will take some time and effort. More time and effort than I’ve been giving it so far. I am committing to paying more attention to Lion’s behavior. If all goes well, he may be very sorry.