Sore Buns

I finally gave Lion the play spanking I wanted to give him when his allergies were bad. I wasn’t sure he wanted it and he wasn’t sure I wanted to give him one. Once we stopped second guessing each other I told him to roll over.

I admit it wasn’t one of the longest spanking. It certainly wasn’t one of the most intense play spanking. What it was, was the (I hope) beginning of many more play spankings. We’ve gotten off track in a variety of ways lately. We haven’t played much. I haven’t punished him much. I haven’t made him wear panties or diapers much. The Icy Hot… I’m not even sure where the Icy Hot is. But since we started off our journey with spanking, I think it would be very symbolic to re-start our journey with it.

We have all the parts for our waxing operation. We still have to make more room for all the parts to come together. When we do I suspect the table will be used for more than just waxing. If it’s the perfect height to reach Lion for waxing, it stands to reason it’s the perfect height for spanking, anal play, etc. Who knows? It might even get used as an actual massage table sometime.

I don’t know if I had any aha moment, but I do think I feel closer to Lion when I give him a play spanking. Although I do massage his balls when I jerk him off, it’s not quite as intimate as when I rub his buns or kiss them in the middle of a spanking. Last night I was actually leaning on him while I swatted. Not like putting all my weight on him. Just leaning slightly. I don’t know if he felt any closer to me or not. I just this minute realized the feeling.

Even if I snuggle with him after a punishment spanking, I don’t feel that close. He’s usually upset and isn’t interested in being close. I get it. I just want him to know that the punishment is over and all is forgiven even if he isn’t ready to forget yet.

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  1. Upset? Well he did ask for this. So I don’t think upset should be allowed. I do regret my asking for this at times when i am bent over being swatted. But I endure and thank my wife then go out of my way to be extra attentive while my ass is stinging.

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