I’ve settled into my cage. It’s comfortably in place. I’m not particularly interested in sex right now. Last night, Mrs. Lion removed the cage and we snuggled. It was wonderful but I wasn’t horny. This isn’t anything to worry about. Sometimes I’m just not interested. Mrs. Lion let me run around wild for a few hours and then locked me up before bedtime. It was a pleasant break to be able to pee without worrying about hitting the target.

Mrs. Lion didn’t attempt to spank me. Today is punishment day. As far as I know, I haven’t broken any rules. I suppose it might be a good excuse for a play spanking. Of course, Mrs. Lion could get out the Box O’Fun. that would force us to play. Maybe that will be the jump start we need. Mrs. Lion has written that she wants to continue our FLRD and our BDSM (lots of initials!) activities. My lack of sexual interest could be tied to our inactivity in the power exchange.

I know. How can I claim inactivity when I am sitting here locked in a male chastity device. It’s true that I am. But it’s also true that male chastity is a normal part of our lives. I’m taking it for granted. I shouldn’t. Mrs. Lion can easily fix that.

More likely, the source of my apathy are the severe allergies I’m suffering. The antihistamine makes me a bit lethargic. Allergies have a way of slowing things down. I think Mrs. Lion is right. We need to step things up regardless of my lack of enthusiasm. It isn’t fair to put that on her alone. I know that. But right now I just don’t have anything to contribute. I’m sure that will change. For now, we are in the rare state when I don’t have any ideas.