It Stays On

Lion wasn’t horny last night. We still snuggled for a bit. He’s been very itchy. The dog goes for a bath on Friday so I hope that helps. It’ll still take a few days for the allergies to go away.

After I’d locked him up again, Lion said he thought I’d leave him wild. I hadn’t even thought about it. We’d just started back in with the cage. Why would I leave him wild? I asked if he was sore. He isn’t. Then it stays on.

I’m really not sure how to handle the cage right now. Lion wants it on when it’s off and off when it’s on. Technically he doesn’t need it on. He won’t cheat and he won’t masturbate. He didn’t like the idea of it only being worn on weekends or other times like he wears diapers. I don’t know if he’s trying to test my resolve at keeping him locked up or what’s happening. He’s usually not this wishy-washy. I don’t know if can all be blamed on the allergies.

The thing is, we talk and talk about the cage. He likes it from a bondage point of view and the fact that it seems to keep sex in the forefront. We decided the cage should continue. And then he wants to be out again. I don’t think there’s any need to talk about it anymore. It should be on except in cases of travel, doctor appointments necessitating its removal, and sores or illness. Of course, there may be other instances, but we can talk about it and then he should be locked again as soon as feasible. [Lion — Yes, Ma’am]