Neglected Lion

“Are we ever going to play or is it just ‘lock Lion up for good'”? That was Lion’s question to me last night around bedtime. Bear in mind he was caged about 24 hours at that point. And he’d had an orgasm the night before. And yesterday I’d teased him by saying he’s “broken” butt could be cured by putting it in the sling.

Poor Lion. He’s so neglected. One day locked away in his new, improved cage and he’s already got cabin fever. Of course I’m making fun of him. He has nothing to worry about. He knows he’ll be unlocked and played with. I’ve already ratted myself out for being the reason we don’t play more. I need to get off my ass. Just because we didn’t play one day that’s no indication of never playing again.

Tonight I’ll offer a play spanking again. Neither of us is sure why he hasn’t wanted one. I’m not sure if I should just do it and hope he’ll get into it as we go along. I’ll probably pick another item to torture him with. I have many. I’m sure one of them will work.