We’re at the state park. I’m writing this on July 4th as I sit naked, looking out at trees, grass, and lots of other campers. We arrived yesterday afternoon. It took us a very short time (under 15 minutes) to set up.

There’s no cell service here. But our satellite dish found the mother ship and we have high definition TV. We have to drive ten miles to the nearest town so we can send our posts to the server. Ahh! Roughing it.

Last night we followed a little tradition and had dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. There are five places to eat and this was the first place we tried four years ago when we visited for the first time. At dinner, I managed to spill food on my shirt. For the record, this is the first spill in a long time.

Mrs. Lion, of course, noticed. As soon as we got back to the trailer, before I could undress, The very vicious rubber paddle was on the bed. She asked me if I noticed. I did. As soon as I was naked, she had me assume the position (lying across the bed), and she went to work. She’s definitely getting “better” at this. I turned and asked her to stop. She was sweating. I pointed it out. She said, “Yes,” and made a twirling motion with her hand. That means roll over. I did.

She kept spanking. Her swats made me yelp into the bed. I was very unhappy and getting angry. Anger is a sign of effective spanking. Generally, a spanking, if allowed to continue, will first evoke yelps and some sexual arousal. That arousal disappears quickly and is replaced by pure pain. After a while, anger sets in. After a longer time, that turns to acceptance and sometimes tears.

Each time I’m spanked, Mrs. Lion moves the needle a little further. It’s punishment day today. Thursday punishment days are when Mrs. Lion gives maintenance spankings. I’m not looking forward to this one. Mrs. Lion is improving her spanking skills much faster than I’ve learned to hold still.

She is a devoted game player. Mrs. Lion spends as much free time as she can playing games on her iPad. She works at them until she beats them. She’s written that she is approaching punishment the same way. Each spanking is a learning experience for her. Of course, it is a teaching experience for me.

We snuggled before bed and Mrs. Lion teased me. She’s perfected controlling my orgasms. I’m sure she will perfect spanking soon as well. She’s also consistently aware of my behavior and is ready to punish me if I break a rule.

Yes, this is what I asked her to do. No, I’m not sorry I asked.


  1. You know you asked for this. So watch what you ask for.

    1. Author

      I’m not complaining… now. ?

  2. Lol. Hopefully the delicate balance stays and you are both satisfied. That should be the goal. Right? So lovely to see this in play. So lovely to read about it. To know what I want exists. Such a luscious dream that I hope one day will be my reality.

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