comparison of two chastity devices
On the left is my custom-made Jail Bird chastity device. The cage is 1-1/4 inches long. The inexpensive, Chinese cage on the right is a bit shorter, but costs a lot less. Click the image to visit the site selling that cage.

Over the last five years, my view about measuring for a male chastity device has changed dramatically. I’ve found that a short cage is much better than a longer one. Many guys would like to see for themselves. I’ve been keeping my eye out for an inexpensive Chinese cage that will allow you to experiment.

small chastity device on penis
This is how the tiny, Chinese cage looks on me. It looks like it hurts, but it doesn’t  Click the image to enlarge.

I finally found one! It’s less than $25 USD, shipping included (click the image to visit the site). You may wonder why I decided that this male chastity device is good for testing if it is so much shorter than my Jail Bird.

As you can see (Image, left), my urethra pokes out quite far. I also didn’t align it very well for the picture. The extra protrusion is actually a good thing. Peeing standing up without spraying like a lawn sprinkler is easy. A normal stream comes out.

my penis in jail bird chastity device
My Jailbird is roomier. It is certainly a better fit. Click image to view larger.

The reason this device makes sense for a test drive is that the cage diameter is almost the same as my Jail Bird’s. That, I discovered, is the key to a manageable fit. In my case, and many others I am told, a cage diameter of about 1-1/4 inches is sufficient. The idea is not to compress the head too much. That doesn’t mean it should be loose. The penis should always be in contact with both the sides and top of the cage. In my case, if I sit back in a chair, sometimes my penis actually recedes in the Jail Bird.

I’ve tried other very short Chinese cages. Invariably the cage diameter was much too narrow for me. Most are only an inch in diameter. Unless you’re super lucky,  I’m sure that this cage won’t be a perfect fit for you. But it should be good enough to wear for a week or two so you can try a short cage.

You may discover that like me, you’ll be happier, more secure, and more comfortable if you wear a much shorter cage.



  1. Thanks, great info.

  2. You look so cute in that! But doesn’t the protrusion get sore rubbing against your panties?

    1. Author

      No, my urethra ends up pointing down so it doesn’t touch my underwear. Of course, I wear soft underpants anyway. The image in the post is a bit off. That was the first time I tried that cage. Here is a view of it more correctly in place. My balls protect the urethra completely. In fact, I have to hold them out of the way to pee (standing up or sitting).
      Here I am in the very short cage

  3. Such a bad influence you are. I clicked the link, which lead me to a huge choice of enticing ways to torment myself. I gave in to temptation and ordered one of these tiny cages complete with a urethral probe. I can’t wait to see if I can fit any aspect of it!

    1. Author

      I hope it works for you. As long as the cage diameter is close to your actual penis diameter, I’ll bet you can fit.

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