Spare The Paddle, Turn Off The Lion

Application of a paddle often jump starts my libido. Wearing a chastity device doesn’t hurt either. Click image to view larger.

Mrs. Lion and I are at a point where we realize there are things we should do. We’ve both written about some of them. But we haven’t taken action yet. This is a pattern we’ve followed before. I guess it’s sexual inertia. Getting started again is difficult.

One of the main reasons Mrs. Lion created her Box O’Fun was to force BDSM play. Her idea was to fill the box with activities; some fun for me, others decidedly painful. Then, on a scheduled basis, I draw a card from the box and that’s what happens next. It worked for a while. Then one of us would not like the idea and we’d skip it. Mrs. Lion isn’t the one who is inertia-bound. I am too. It just feels easier to do nothing. We snuggle and I don’t get aroused. I’m not feeling frustrated. I’m not feeling sexual at all. Sexual inertia. It’s true that my libido has its ups and downs. This is clearly a down.

Of course, there is a nearly foolproof way to jump start my libido. A paddle liberally applied to my bottom works wonders getting my attention. A chastity device, like my Jail Bird, doesn’t hurt the process either. It’s just the way I’m wired.

For reasons I can’t explain. Mrs. Lion is affected too. When we play (BDSM activities), we feel closer to each other. The top/bottom activities not only turn me on, they also increase our non-sexual physical intimacy. Neither of us is touchy-feely by nature. The physical manifestations of our power exchange spill over into affectionate touching. This could all be me. I know that regular, painful play is an aphrodisiac for me. It may also turn up my sensitivity and affection.

Of course, BDSM play is only a small part of our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD). Mrs. Lion’s authority has remained consistent. When I’m well behaved, there is no punishment. When we fall into inertia, there is no play. During these play droughts I am happy to skip yelping when Mrs. Lion plays with me. But, just like punishment, my mood isn’t really relevant.

Mrs. Lion reasons that the play is for me. Therefore, if I don’t want to play, then we shouldn’t. If I’m thinking correctly, the play isn’t just for my pleasure. It’s also a key to maintaining my libido. I don’t understand it, but there it is.