Helpful Lion

Lion is an insatiable researcher. He reads lots of other blogs. Occasionally he likes an idea he finds. Many times it’s about punishment, specifically spanking.

His latest discovery was about just that. He says I should whomp him for a while and then whomp him some more and then whomp him some more. I should go past the point where he can handle it. And then go even further. I thought I was doing that. Well, maybe not the third part.

It’s taken me a long time to get to the point that I can spank Lion as hard or as long as I do. The last time I punished Lion I had to keep switching arms because I got tired. I went past the point that he could take it. I went past the point that I could take it.

I think we’ll need to build up to the latest “best spanking practices”. If I do it right, Lion won’t have much to do. He’ll probably be able to take more and more because of his endorphins. I’m not saying it won’t hurt but Lion has a tough hide. My arms might fall off in the process unless we take it slow.

We’ll start the process tonight with a maintenance spanking. I’m sure we won’t get all the way but we’ll give it a shot


  1. Give Lion what He wants and more! Perhaps You might find someone to help if Lion’s needs are beyond Your abilities. Then tag-team Him beyond His desires.

  2. You should buy an automatic spanking machine! Set it, and forget it! Good luck!

    1. Interesting idea. They are expensive and there is no way to test/try one. I’ve had the fantasy of Mrs. Lion using one. I know I will need to be restrained when she uses it. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll get one. What do you think Mrs. Lion?

  3. Robospanker $599.00 on Etsy if You’re serious.

  4. Author

    Trying to outsource my job? ? We can do some research.

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