Well, it worked. Just as Lion said in his post this morning, if I whomp him he will come. Actually he said he’d get excited. I decided he should come.

I tried the new technique. No idea if it was actually any different from the old technique. I was already swatting harder at a certain point. The only difference I can see is that at that certain point I announced the punishment would begin. Of course, it wasn’t actually punishment. It was a maintenance spanking for practice.

Lion moved around a bit toward the end. I asked if he wanted me to start again. He did not. It just hurt and he needed me to stop. If this was a true punishment spanking I wouldn’t have stopped so quickly. I still swatted quite a few times before we were done but punishment would have gone on longer, if for no other reason than he needed me to stop.

Lo and behold, Mr. Weenie was on his way to full attention when Lion rolled over. I guess the butt bone is connected to the boner bone. I had some fun edging him. I was trying to remember if a ruined orgasm still allows for play the next day when I got greedy. I started edging him too quickly. Rather than give him the dreaded ruined orgasm, I salvaged it. He produced quite a bit of cum for me. We’re never sure how much I’ll get. The more the better.

Afterward I told Lion that if he insists on rolling over to get away from my swats, he opens up my weenie and balls for swats. Are they fair game? I don’t think he wants that. He just needs to learn to stay still and take his spanking. We’ll have to keep practicing.