While The Lioness Is Away

We’re home from our first trip of the year. Mrs. Lion did play with me twice over the five days we were away. She punished me three times; once for spilling, once for interrupting, and once for failing to thank her for beating me. On our last night away, she gave me a most excellent hand job. That’s the stats for our trip.

In a few weeks, Mrs. Lion is spending a little over a week on the East Coast visiting her kids. She’s very excited about going. I will be on my own, unsupervised for the entire time. I’ve been away longer on business trips, so the duration is not unique. This will be the first time I am home alone for so long. It’s also the first time since 2.0 moved in.

Will I be a wild lion? I don’t know. Could I be? Yes, of course. The difference will be mostly my convenience and the opportunities to enjoy an erection during Mrs. Lion’s sabbatical. There are pros and cons to allowing this to happen. On the pro side, regular erections and limited arousal will keep me highly interested in sex. When she gets back, I’ll be primed and ready. On the con side, I have the opportunity to get myself off. That’s unlikely.

One advantage to being locked in a chastity device while she is away is the constant reminder of her control. I would say that it gives her more peace of mind as well, but the truth is that she’s never thought that way. Since she doesn’t get turned on, thinking of me in a chastity device isn’t going to get her juices running.

There’s no strong argument either way. Of course, if she decides to keep me locked up, I will need an emergency key. With her 3,000 miles away, it would be dangerous to leave me locked with no way out.  Of course, leaving me wild solves the problem. I imagine that will be her choice. We’ll see.

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    Mi Amor left a few weeks ago for a 4 day girls trip. I was left caged. Key was hidden by her in case of emergency. She didn’t take it for fear of losing it. I did think of her the entire time.

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