Double Punishment

Lion got his butt whomped twice yesterday. It’s funny, I don’t even remember what I punished him for the first time. It was probably spilling food. But the second time was for forgetting to thank me for punishing him. [Lion – Interrupting her on Sunday]

I took his advice and swatted him longer with test swats to see if he could take more. When I got him bright red I stopped. He even had a little spot of blood on one cheek. He said I could have gone further. Of course he’d say that.

The second punishment, taking place about eight hours after the first, hurt more. It’s not that I hit any harder, although I think I might have. His butt was still sensitive from the first meeting with my paddle. His cheeks may not have felt sore but they remembered that first whomping and they were not amused with the second.

When I was done I asked if he was done. He said he never wanted to start. I was giving him the opportunity to thank me before I put my paddle away. He asked if I was done. I said I wasn’t sure. I wanted to see if he was done. Then he got the idea and thanked me.

Lion did get his orgasm last night. His balls tied-up-tightly hand job. Of course I edged him a few times first. And then I asked if he could tell me what the difference was between a hand job and a blow job. It turns out my last few blow jobs have gotten slower at the end and it’s harder for him to come.

Aha! I was doing that on purpose. I wanted the slow buildup to make it more intense. I thought the constant slow motions would drive him crazy and suddenly it would spill over into an orgasm. I had no idea it was making things more difficult for him. Now I know. So I’ll save the slow stuff for the early portion of the program and just go for it at the end.

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