seal on chastity device
Lion can cut the seal with permission or in an emergency.

One of the best parts of taking time off during the summer months is that work is slow. When I get back I have a nice pile of work to do. From August to January is our busiest time. Leaving then creates mountains of work when I return. I’ll get things all cleaned up here just in time to head east for my daughter’s graduation.

As Lion said, a week away does pose a few problems. Aside from the fact that he’ll have no one to vacuum for him, he won’t get edged or played with, and he’ll be locked up for a week or be wild and unsupervised. I can’t do anything about the vacuuming but I can do something about edging.

The easiest thing would be to leave him wild. Obviously then he can get himself into all sorts of trouble if he has a mind to. Locking him away requires an emergency key. Unless I lock him in the nylon cage. Then it’s just a matter of writing down the lock number and comparing it when I get home. He’ll be able to extricate himself if he has an emergency. I can also ask him to send me a picture with the number visible to check it while I’m away.

We’re a little more than a week away from my trip. Things can change but I’m leaning toward locking him in the nylon cage. I was concerned that it could be an issue with him travelling and not having access to scissors because they wouldn’t make it through TSA. But he’ll be home this time. He’ll have access to scissors. If he has a true emergency, which he hasn’t up to now, he can cut the lock off. I can always give him permission if a less-than-emergent need arises. Maybe it’s starting to smell. Maybe he’s developing a sore. We’ll have to see how it goes.

I like the idea of having him take a picture to prove it’s still the same number. It has nothing to do with not trusting him. I know he won’t take the cage off unless he has to. It’s more of a power issue. Each time he has to send me a picture he’ll know he’s doing it because I’m telling him to do it. Because I said so. Because it’s my weenie and I want to make sure it’s still where it’s supposed to be.


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    Right on .

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    what device is that, and how comfortable is it compared to other devices?

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      That’s a lot more than I can answer in a comment. I suggest you do a site search. You can read my review of the device.

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    I have always been very independent and don’t like being told what to do.
    Strangely enough, those last couple of lines are incredibly appealing and exciting to me.
    I crave to have my wife tell me do something like this, because she said so, because she owns my penis and every part of me.

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