The dog got a bath on Sunday. For now, at least, my allergies are less horrible. It’s still a tough spring, but every bit helps. Mrs. Lion has let me remain wild while I struggle with the allergies. I hope that things settle down enough so I will stop itching. When I feel better, the cage goes back on. It’s a fair deal for me.

I’ve always favored the open, cage-type chastity device. The closed tubes tend to collect gunk and create bad smells and sometimes irritation. For the record, skin is supposed to get air circulating around it. Moisture should evaporate so the skin remains dry. In the case of a closed chastity device, urine that gets trapped inside the tube prevents the skin from drying out. In addition, it’s an irritant.

If your preference is for the tube-type device, there are some extra maintenance steps needed to minimize issues caused by trapped urine. The easiest way to stay clean is to take a bath. The bath water will find its way into the device and rinse away the gunk. At least that’s the theory. In fact, water has to circulate in there to wash stuff away. Soap is also very helpful in facilitating cleaning.

Over the years, guys have worked out various ways to get clean while wearing the tubes. I’m sure you can find them online. The simple fact is that the tube has to come off at least weekly for cleaning. More importantly, when removed, the penis can be inspected for signs of irritation. If any is found, the tube should stay off until the irritation is fully healed.

The cage type device is extremely easy to clean. Moisture doesn’t have anywhere to collect, so the skin is dry. That doesn’t mean that you can just ignore the device when in the shower. I use a handheld shower massager to direct a pulsing stream into and around the cage. I apply liquid body wash to the top of the cage. It gets washed around the penis to help cleaning.

In my experience, the area between the top of the scrotum and the cage can smell. Urine drips collect there and dry up. This can be unpleasant. The shower massager takes care of that. I’m circumcised. That makes cleaning even easier. Uncircumcised men will have to work a bit harder to make sure the area under the foreskin is kept clean.

I think that safety and good health requires regular removal of the device to assure all is well. It’s surprisingly easy to overlook sore spots. Inspection at least twice a month makes very good sense.

While I’m on the subject of keeping clean, the device itself needs regular cleaning. Soap and water will not remove built up body oils and dirt from the device. I use an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Once a month, the device goes into the machine along with a detergent designed for ultrasonic jewelry cleaners. After five-to-ten minutes of cleaning, the device looks brand new. More importantly, the device won’t carry any dirt or oil back to your clean body.

Personal hygiene when wearing a chastity device is more work than when wild. It adds less than a minute of work to my daily shower to keep the Jail Bird clean. Mrs. Lion inspects her weenie every time she unlocks me. I run the device through the ultrasonic cleaner about once a month.

These routines assure I will stay healthy and without sores or injury. Maybe they will be helpful to you as well.

I also believe hairless pubes (balls at the very least) is simply a courtesy to your partner. Keeping my balls hairless has been a truly painful and not-too-successful experience for me. When Mrs. Lion uses our body shaver, my balls get shredded in areas because the soft skin gets caught in the blade. I’ve tried other methods. I wrote a post about my bad experience with a product aptly named “Balls”.

After reading a lot of product reviews, on Sunday I tried Nair for Men. It worked (see NSFW images: Before and After)! I followed the directions and left it on for a total of four minutes. The hair was gone. I had no immediate pain, but there was some burning after an hour or two. It wasn’t bad and went away a few hours later. It was worth the slight discomfort. The results are perfect. I trimmed the hair to about 1/2-inch before applying the Nair. That’s an important step. Longer hair uses up the strength of the chemicals and may prevent full removal.


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    I’ve been putting my Jail Bird through the dishwasher, which seems to work fine. I’m still a bit nervous about the Nair and have been shaving daily–I find that the JB stretches the skin on balls just enough to straighten out the wrinkles and make shaving better. Miss has been contemplating having my pubes either waxed or lasered off—didn’t you have yours done a while back?

    1. Author

      I had laser treatment over 15 years ago. It is about 90% effective. I don’t have much hair on my balls, but what is there needs to go. Shaving is certainly a good way to go. My electric body shaver keeps trapping the soft skin and cutting me. The Nair is one more way to go. I’m not completely sold on it yet, but it does work with little discomfort. I don’t like the smell.

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