Wild for a While

For once I knew how long Lion had been waiting between orgasms and he didn’t. That’s surprising. Obviously it affects him more than it affects me. Plus, I’m lucky if I know what day of the week it is. But I did make sure the previous orgasms were spaced four days apart. And I did make sure this last one was an extra day’s wait. I haven’t decided when the next one will be. Will he be waiting just one more day again? We’ll see.

I do know that if Lion is even remotely horny tonight we’ll be playing. Maybe I can entice him into being horny if I say he’ll be wearing the blindfold. He loves that. It’s possible he won’t be horny the night after an orgasm. That’s fine. But the next sign of horniness he’ll be blindfolded.

I want to get back into playing again. We move away from it when he’s too itchy or my weenie has a sore spot. He’s also asked if he’s going back into the cage anytime soon. I want him back in the cage but not while he’s so uncomfortable with his allergies. The cage is just one more thing to think about when he’s miserable.

I’m sure you think I’m being too nice to him. He should be in the cage when I want him in the cage. Well, he is. If I don’t want him in the cage while his allergies are bothering him then he shouldn’t be in the cage. It’s my decision. He’s not swaying me by scratching more. He’s not putting anything over on me. When I see the allergies are abating, I’ll slap the Jail Bird back on him. For now he remains wild.