Diapers Are Coming

I think it’s funny that Lion doesn’t like much of what we do while we’re doing it but he would be miserable if we didn’t do it. In the past he’s told me we can stop playing. He insists it’s just not that important to him. After a few weeks he gets upset that we’re not playing. Every now and then he tells me he’ll love me even if we never play again. That may be true but he wouldn’t be happy.

He wonders why we have so many diapers in the house. What will we do with the new stash? Where will two big boxes of diapers go? What will we do with all these paddles? Where can we put all the dildos? If we stopped buying them (I’m guilty too) there may not be so many. But I think we buy them because we’re looking for the latest and greatest. And maybe this acquisition will be the one that tickles my fancy enough to make me truly love topping him as opposed to just doing it to make him happy.

The silliest part of it is that some years ago we donated a lot of toys to a local play center. They were very excited to get paddles and straps and dildos. And then we went home and started amassing a new mountain of toys. Each toy makes Lion both unhappy and happy to have. Well, he’s never really happy about the Velcro or tiny clothespins. But he has a love/hate relationship with the rest.

He doesn’t really care what we do. He just wants me to do something to him. Lion is famous for saying he doesn’t have an addictive personality. I disagree. He’s addicted to play. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just an observation.

He’s dreading a weekend of diapers, but he’ll feel bad if I don’t follow through with it. He may not feel bad about not sitting in a heavy diaper, but he’ll miss the idea of it. So I won’t disappoint him. He’ll be home on Friday but he doesn’t need to start the diapers until evening – say 5 o’clock. If he’s in a heavy duty diaper he’ll have to sit through two pees and when he needs to pee the third time he can change into a new diaper for that third pee. That way he’ll always have a wet diaper. If he wears the lighter diapers he can change just before the second pee. He can wear plastic pants whenever he thinks he has the potential of either leaking or losing the diaper. A two pee diaper is fairly heavy. If the plastic pants might help him keep the diaper up.

I hope Lion feels lucky he won’t have to wear diapers all day Friday. If he’s a good boy he might get time off for good behavior. If he’s a bad boy he might have time added. Otherwise, the diaper can come off Sunday night.