As the weekend gallops toward me, I’m less and less interested in donning a diaper again. When actually having to wear one was several days away, I admit it was sort of exciting. This is the same exciting I feel about spanking, until I get one. Nope, it isn’t something I’m looking forward to. I’m sure I could find a much more comfortable way to dispose of those two cases of diapers being delivered tomorrow. Besides, where will we keep them? Our pantry is full. The garage has no spare space. Yup, it would be a public service to dispose of this overstock before it becomes a storage problem.

Speaking of overstock, we have a large collection of spanking implements. Guess who bought them? In this case, I bought almost all of them when I was on the delivering end of spankings. Paddles were like golf clubs to me. Certain butts and situations called for a specific tool. I made sure I had a full set. Now, only one butt is getting the benefit of all that hardware. It’s mine. Before your ask, no, I don’t have a preference when it is being used on me.

I’ll bet it will surprise you that I bought all those nasty products that Mrs. Lion uses to toast my balls. I also got the plugs and dildos that end up inside me. A reasonable person would conclude that if I laid my hard-earned money on the line for all this stuff, I must really want it used on me. Mrs. Lion is a very reasonable person.

That’s why Mrs. Lion will smile and tell me that it was all my idea when I’m whimpering and yelping as the swats land. She’ll say the same thing when I complain about spending days in a wet diaper. The only thing we don’t seem to overstock is sympathy. Boy, do I need it.