Lion and I are extremely lucky to have found each other. As ill-matched as we seem at times, we work very well together. If we didn’t, our enforced chastity/FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline) lifestyle wouldn’t work. We are very thankful to be together. Now I just have to work on Lion being thankful for being punished.

He forgot to thank me after his punishment for interrupting me. That earned him punishment last night. Then, the silly boy forgot to thank me for punishing him last night. I think the only way he remembered to thank me for his food-spilling punishment is that I asked him if he had anything he wanted to say. I felt like his mother. “And what do you say?” “Thank you, mother.”

Lion has requested that I punish him for not thanking me closer to the time he forgets since I already have my paddle out. I’ve been giving him some time to remember on his own. He’s a strong advocate for the punishment being closer to the crime. I’ve promised to try.

One of the reasons I don’t want to remind him is that I don’t want to be his mother. Another is that he’s just gotten his butt whomped. His first reaction is to rub it. It’s not to thank me for making it burn. Also, how long do I wait before I consider his “thank you” missing? Should it be the first thing he does? Should I give him the time it takes me to put the paddle away? Do I really want to punish an already-punished butt?

I think if I ever get to the point of whomping him so hard he cries, he should have a few minutes to compose himself before thanking me. Actually, since I never think I’ll get to that point, I still think he should have a minute to compose himself. I’m not sure I really want to punish an already-punished butt.

[Lion — Until Mrs. Lion’s spankings cause very significant bruising, there is no real issue in spanking me again. Even then if she hits around the bruises, there is no physical issue. Respanking is very effective for education.]

So here’s my compromise: I will leave the paddle on the bed when I’m done punishing him. That will remind both of us there’s something unfinished. If I realize it first, he gets more punishment. If he realizes it first, he’s safe. I’m trying to be fair. I know I forget too.

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    I can understand you not wanting to be thought of as his mother. However, don’t you think there is a sort of maternal aspect to a domestic discipline relationship?

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