Thank You Mrs. Lion

Today is Thanksgiving here in the US. I have an embarrassingly long list of reasons to be thankful. On top of the list is Mrs. Lion. I can’t imagine my life without her. Yes, she agreed to be my keyholder and disciplining wife. That’s a big deal, but in terms our our lives, that’s the small stuff. She’s my best friend and partner. This year we learned about the “sickness and health” part of our wedding vows.

In August 2016, I slipped and fell while on a business trip. I tore my rotator cuff. I was in constant pain for months. Cortisone injections provided some relief, but I was only allowed two shots. More would cause deterioration of the tendon. Surgery was the only way to relieve the pain. So, at the end of April I had rotator cuff repair. The tear was very large and the surgery was difficult.

The recovery is long and painful. I was home in bed for all of May. Mrs. Lion took care of me. It wasn’t easy for her. She had to do everything to keep our lives together. I was in constant pain despite the strong drugs. Sleep was difficult and I was up almost all night, every night. My lioness did her best to sleep next to me. I watched whatever I could find on TV. I couldn’t do much reading. I was too uncomfortable.

Now, it’s more than six months since the operation. I have regained most of my range of motion, but my arm is very weak. I’m exercising with a three-pound dumbbell. Anything more is too much. It will be another six months before my right arm regains strength. I could develop the muscles more quickly, but the rotator cuff tendon builds strength much more slowly and it’s dangerous to let my muscles become too strong for the repaired tendon.

Mrs. Lion has to do most of the chores. She uncomplainingly does all this. She finds the strength and resolve to grow our power exchange. That is the cherry on top of everything else she does for me. I don’t take any of this for granted. I understand how difficult and sad my life would be without her.

As they say on infomercials, that’s not all. Long before my injury, my lioness brought joy into my life. We have very different tastes in many things. It doesn’t matter. None of it matters. We just love to be together. On sleepless nights, I love to look over and see her sleeping next to me. We manage to find fun in almost everything we do. I’m eternally thankful that the Universe brought her to me. My life is happy because she is my wife.

A little over a year ago I got my current job. I can’t say much about it here, other than it has been a lifelong dream to work where I do. It’s even better than I imagined it would be. I’m very thankful for that.

I am also thankful for you. Over the last four years, writing this blog and reading your comments has become an important part of my day. Reading Mrs. Lion’s posts, and she reading mine, have given us another important channel of communication. The Journal is an accurate record of the sexual side of our marriage. We give each other feedback and test ideas in our posts. Your reactions and suggestions enrich us. Thank you!

My original idea when I started this blog was to create a living diary of our lives; at least the part that includes power exchange and sex. It’s much more than that. When I read back to early years, I see how my view of things has matured. Writing and reading here is largely responsible for that.

We have formed a sort of family. Our regular readers help keep us on track and provide ideas for things we can do. I love it! I truly enjoy that we are part of your life. My dream was that our readers would stop in every day and find out what we are up to.

I like to think that some of our readers are thankful we write here. I don’t have any great wisdom to share. My ego isn’t that big. My prose isn’t flowery. I have no illusions about my writing. I hope that when you read my posts, that I disappear as an author and that you aren’t interrupted by style or literary fireworks while you read.

This is the day that we stuff ourselves with too much food. It’s also a day that I can stop and reflect on how fragile happiness is, and how lucky I am to find myself enjoying a wonderful life. l am most thankful that I can see how lucky I am to have found it.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Author

    Thank You and The Lioness for willing to share some of the intimates of your loving life.

  2. Author

    I am very thankful for your blog . I have learnt a lot from reading about your life and it’s ups and down’s . I look forward to reading it every day. Have a good Thanksgiving .It’s just another Friday hear in the UK .Love from England?

  3. Author

    We love your blog. Has been a real help to us as we continue in this lifestyle. Keep it up.

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