Thoughts From The Spankee

Sunday night I was spanked for interrupting Mrs. Lion. It was a catch-up spanking for my offense on Saturday. As spankings go, it wasn’t too bad. But, it hurt for an hour after Mrs. Lion finished. I forgot to thank her. Yesterday was punishment day.

Last night Mrs. Lion paddled me for failing to thank her for Sunday night’s spanking. She used her Lexan® paddle. That baby really stings! I tried to roll over once and she said,

“Going somewhere?”

I returned to my position on my stomach. She resumed swatting me and I continued yelping.

Mrs. Lion is working on her consistency and severity. Discipline is lagging slightly behind play. Mrs. Lion’s BDSM topping has gone way up in intensity. For example, in the past when she applied Icy Hot to my balls, she would paint a “racing stripe” from the base of my penis to my anus. It burnt like hell. If I appeared to be suffering too much, she would let me wash it off.

Most recently, she applied a thick coating of Icy Hot to my entire scrotum. She rubbed it in. When she saw I wasn’t reacting strongly, she rubbed it in to renew the burn. When it finally wore off, she applied a second, thick coat, rubbing it in as it began to wear off. It was a lot of pain for me and a job well done for her.

We’ve only played a few times, but each time the intensity was dialed way up. It was totally clear that I was not in control. I may have suggested the activity at one time or another, but she took it to a level I didn’t expect. I love this loss of control. Yes, the pain is extreme, but it works to turn me on when I think about it later. I can’t say I like this intense activity, but it’s what I need.

When it comes to discipline, Mrs. Lion hasn’t completed the transition. She’s much more aware of infractions and punishes them. The actual spankings aren’t as intense as her play activities. I’m not saying that her spankings are easy to take. They aren’t. But they are well within my comfort zone. Her play is close to the limit of that zone. Well, the Icy Hot pushed my limits a bit.

Do I want to be spanked more severely? That question is a bit like asking if I want more Icy Hot on my balls. Of course I don’t. Do I need more severe punishment? That’s a question I can try to answer. It’s not a simple answer. For a basic, not-so-serious-offense spanking, it probably needs to be stronger. When I’m told I did something wrong, I don’t dread the spanking. I don’t particularly want it either. Mrs. Lion can decide if she wants to move the needle more toward “dread”.

The area I think severity could be increased is repeat offenses. If Mrs. Lion thinks I should have remembered what happens if I break a rule, yet I break it anyway, that constitutes grounds for dialing up the pain. If the objective of punishment is education, repeating an offense is a clear signal I need more help. Some time in a corner on the punishment stool gives me a chance to reflect on my sin.

I’m not trying to top from the bottom. As a former top, I know it is helpful to learn what the bottom is thinking. Whether or not Mrs. Lion chooses to do anything I suggest is strictly up to her. I want her to know that I appreciate the efforts she is making on my behalf. Thank You