As Lion wrote, he spilled food on his shirt yesterday at lunch. It was a tiny amount. It didn’t even leave much of a stain. But rules are rules. Any spillage requires punishment. Since he was under foot in the kitchen, I figured the kitchen paddle would work just fine. I worried I’d forget to punish him if I didn’t do it when I thought of it.

Lion was surprised I was using the kitchen paddle. As I whomped him I wondered why it mattered. In the past he’s said I never use it. Well, I’m using it. Besides, the infraction was food related. I may not use that paddle often but he sure got the message. He was wiggling quite a bit. It’s not the most comfortable paddle for me to use either but it does the trick. And now Lion knows I’m not against punishing him in the kitchen.

We spent the night holding hands and watching TV. Every so often I reminded him of his sore buns, although apparently not enough to keep him from interrupting me later on. It was bedtime and I didn’t feel like getting up again to find a paddle to whomp him. He agreed he didn’t want to be whomped; as if that matters. So the whomping has been delayed until today. I think this one will take place in the bedroom where I can use a more comfortable paddle and he won’t be able to wiggle around quite so much. He might even get a few extra swats for all the wiggling from yesterday.

A Lion just needs to learn to mind his manners. I can help with that to a certain extent. Me and my paddle. And I might even give him some corner time. On the punishment stool. What a bitch I am!