Who Knows

We didn’t play last night. It was only a day after Lion’s orgasm and he’s usually not that horny then. We held hands and watched TV. When he was getting ready for bed, Lion asked if I realized that we hadn’t snuggled at all. Well, yeah. We held hands. I wasn’t on my iPad. He had my attention while we watched TV.

Snuggling while watching TV is sometimes uncomfortable. The TV is lined up more toward Lion’s side of the bed. I need to look back over my shoulder to see anything. My neck hurts at times. But that’s not why I don’t snuggle. It’s only why I have to stop snuggling. Even then I stay close.

Maybe his remark was more directed at the fact that I did go on my iPad at the end of the night. We don’t normally snuggle after the dog has her ice cream because we usually have a snack then too. By that time we’re winding down for bed.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t snuggle. I’m just wondering why he pointed it out last night.

Tonight I’ll check my weenie for lingering sore spots. If there are none we can play if Lion feels horny. I haven’t had a weather report today. Of course, the argument could be made for playing even if he isn’t horny. If I want to play then, dammit, we’ll play! I’ve never really subscribed to that theory. But I’m learning new things all the time so who knows?

[Lion — I just wanted to feel Mrs. Lion next to me.]