Being the helpful soul I am, I’ve been offering suggestions on making spanking more effective. As the recipient of many punishments, I’ve become something of an expert at receiving. Mrs. Lion has become more and more effective. It turns out that there is quite a bit to know.

Mrs. Lion has experimented, with my help, with quite a few techniques. She’s learned that hitting hard makes for a very short punishment. I can’t hold still for many swats. For the last couple of months she has favored hundreds of lighter blows, occasionally peppered with a truly painful swat. We both agree that the longer spanking is more effective.

I’ve found that a spanking that hurts for a long time afterward is more educational than one that fades fast. Mrs. Lion is willing to explore this concept. The way to make the pain last and last is to do more than superficially heat the skin. Deeper, non-injurious pain is needed.

If, as we discovered, very hard swats have me heading for the hills, and we know that hard swats are the only way to make the effects lasting, we need a way to keep the pain on the edge of running away, but still hard enough to do some damage.

The answer is quite simple. If Mrs. Lion starts with milder swats, as the spanking goes on, my endorphins will begin to cut in. She can tell when this is happening if every ten or fifteen swats, she makes one harder. If my reaction is mild, she can dial up all her swats to that level. She keeps it hurting, but not too much.

As the process goes on, her swats get much harder and I can take them. Eventually, she will be hitting as hard as she did when she was trying to go for maximum impact, but now I can accept the blows without doing more than yelp and whine. She can (and I hope she does) get me deep red.

We disagree a bit about bruises. I think some are helpful in sending a message. Once the spanking has accelerated to hard, fast swatting, she can switch to a smaller tool, like a hairbrush. Then, she can pepper some full blast swats occasionally. Each of those will probably bruise.
The result is a very sore bottom that will hurt for hours and will remind me of the error of my ways each time I sit down for a day or two. That is a truly educational punishment.

I had punishment coming for interrupting on Monday. I wrote this post Tuesday morning before we took off for the day. After Mrs. Lion proofed this post, she reminded me that I had punishment coming. She put her new-found knowledge to use. Oh my! Very effective.

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    I know the feeling (pun intended). But for me, when I really deserve it, and after we both agree that I do from much discussion and reflection, a rapid-fire hard spanking with no warm-up is most effective. No, I can’t hold still either, but the no-nonsense delivery just keeps on coming as I wiggle and squirm and must surrender all control of the situation to she who must be obeyed.

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