Just Another Day In Paradise

Good morning. My kidney stone still hasn’t passed. That means I still have to take pain meds. The pain is gone for now, but so is a good slice of my conscious mind. I’m a genuine space cadet. If this is what being high is about, then I don’t understand why anyone would want to be this way. I’ll try to stay awake long enough to finish this post.

The Holy Trainer Nano arrived yesterday. Even though the tube is short, it doesn’t keep my penis in close contact with the head of the device. When I’m feeling better and more interested in making sure it is seated properly, we can get a better ideal of how to fit this device. Meanwhile, I can report it is comfortable to wear.

2018 is turning out to be as unpleasant as 2017. I started 2017 out with kidney stones that required surgical.  That was followed by rotator cuff surgery. Apparently, I am in the kidney stone portion of our program. Some of my belongings will end u[ being distributed.  I’m starting to lose consciousness. I’ll come back later when I can type.

I;m back after an hour in bed. Just as uncoordinated as before. I’ll give up for now. No stone has passed Too many hours between pain pills give me sharp pains over my right kidney. Just another day in paradise.

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