Just Checking In

I’ll be leaving in a few minutes to take Lion to the doctor. He needs more pain medicine. The ER was only able to give him enough for three days and his pain is still hanging on. They estimated the kidney stone would work its way out in a day or two. Not so.

Lion is very annoyed with everything that’s been happening to him lately. Between his leg and his kidney, he’s been home for a few weeks. When he’s not in immense pain or loopy from the pain meds he can work from home. That hasn’t been happening too much this week.

We’re happy he’s able to eat again. Nothing adventurous. We had some soup the other night and some egg noodles last night. But at least he’s getting some food in his stomach. The nausea has been bothering him whether he eats or not but he’s trying to eat.

He tried on the new Holy Trainer ast night and it seems to fit. When I left this morning he wanted it locked on. I haven’t asked so I’m not sure if he still has it on or not. I assume he wanted to take it for a test drive for comfort. I’m sure he’ll let you know what he finds out.


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    Just catching up… I hope Lion’s kidney stones pass quickly and his pain eases. xoxo

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      Thank you Mrs. F. It’s not going away. I may need surgery. ):

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