Playing Nurse

That’s not as sexy as it sounds. Actually I’ve never dressed up as a nurse for Lion, or anyone else for that matter. I just play the part when Lion needs me. Lately, that’s been often. A year ago February was his first run in with kidney stones in a long time. Then he had his shoulder surgery. This year we both had the flu and Lion had it for weeks. A few weeks ago Lion fell and hurt his leg. Last week we were in the ER waiting for news about another kidney stone. Now, today, Lion will have this latest kidney stone removed.

I am drawing a line in the sand: we’re done with illness for a while. I don’t want to be sick. I don’t want Lion to be sick. If I break my leg tomorrow I’m going to keep walking on it because I don’t want to go near another hospital. I’m cancelling all upcoming doctor appointments. Don’t call us, we won’t call you. I’m boycotting bad health. I know Lion is right there with me.

We are both looking forward to Lion being in less pain, although he’ll still be in some pain since he’ll have something shoved up my weenie to get rid of this stupid kidney stone. The only thing worse than my not being able to play with my weenie is that someone else will be using it. And they’re going to leave it sore and unhappy. At least when I leave it unhappy I don’t leave it sore.

I just want to get things back to normal. Not even sex-normal. Just plain old normal. We can’t play until Lion is no longer in pain. I had him back for a brief moment a week ago. He was horny. He was very horny. And then he was in pain.

Starting today, I’ll nurse Lion back to health again. When he’s ready we’ll snuggle and play and eventually he’ll be ready for edging. And things will be normal. Our version of normal, of course.