Have a Seat

woman biting steering wheel
Lion suggested a small parking space last night.

Lion spilled food on his shirt on Friday night. It was late and we were heading to bed when I saw it. I wasn’t going to spank him then. He had plenty of opportunities to amass more infractions yesterday although he didn’t.

When we got home from dinner, I took the dog out and readied things for Lion’s spanking. He was getting undressed. When he came out of the bedroom he found me sitting on the couch with a paddle in my hand. The chair was already in the corner with the board and welcome mat on it. Lion asked what was going on. Yeah. Like he didn’t know.

We tried OTK but it wasn’t working. We’ve only tried it once before and in the camper was the only place OTK actually worked. I’m not sure what happened last night. Oh well. On the bed works too. I got Lion very rosy. I didn’t see any bruises come up but sometimes they aren’t evident for a while after the swats are done.

I told Lion when I was done and he dutifully went to sit on the punishment chair. I left him there for about ten minutes. I haven’t decided on a “standard” corner time, nor do I assume there should be one. It’s sort of like spanking. I just go till I’m done. Lion just sits till he’s done. Of course, if I left it up to him, he’d be done shortly after he sits down. Good thing I decide when he’s done.

The welcome mat stuck to Lion when I allowed him to stand. He said it even stabbed into his balls. And I didn’t even have to tie his balls in front of him. Score! He couldn’t tell if he was hurting from the spanking or the welcome mat but he was hurting a lot. For the rest of the night, sitting or laying down hurt. Even this morning, his buns hurt. Talk about lasting impressions!

One thing we’re still struggling with is being heard. Both of us. Lion will say something, I answer and he doesn’t hear me. I’ll say something, Lion will answer and I don’t hear him. I’m not necessarily talking about actually hearing. If that was the case we could just go get hearing aids. I mean listening. Or interpreting. Lion told me there was a parking space available. I said OK. I didn’t think it was big enough. I struggled with a different space. Lion told me about the first space again. I said yes. I still didn’t think it was big enough. I struggled with a different one. He again told me there was a space available. I still didn’t think it was big enough (it wasn’t) but I parked there anyway because he was so damn insistent about the space. When I said I didn’t know how I’d get back out of the space, he wondered why I parked there. Infuriating.

Lion insists that I never really acknowledged him when he suggested the space. He wanted me to say I saw the space and didn’t want to use it. Because I said OK and yes to the space, I think I acknowledged him. Because I didn’t say I don’t want that space, he thinks I didn’t. These may be petty disagreements, but I feel my anxiety building when they happen. Perhaps I simply need to acknowledge Lion with “I feel swats coming on”. That would almost definitely work.