This is my custom chastity device. It’s cage is barely 1-1/4″ long. Click image to see larger.

Now that my leg is less painful, I expect to be locked up again. This time, at my request, it will be in my custom nylon chastity device (image, right). The device in the image is all white. The actual device I will be wearing isn’t all white. The white base ring disappeared for months. It resurfacedf recently with teeth marks in it. The dog ate my chastity!

Fortunately, I have a red base ring. It’s mostly while because this particular product comes with a rough finish that irritates the delicate genital skin. After a few hours of sanding, the rough finish is gone along with the red color. There is some red left on top of the ring since that doesn’t touch my skin and I didn’t want to sand needlessly. That rough finish is the result of 3D-printing.

It was this rough finish that caused me to review this product negatively. Otherwise, it is a very nice design that was scaled perfectly to my specs. Mrs. Lion agreed to lock me into this device so that we can see if it is safe and comfortable over weeks of wear. If it is, she can lock it with a plastic, numbered seal so it will pas airport security checks.

I like the way this device fits. The cage is very short. As a result, my penis doesn’t “wander” as it would in a longer cage. It also has a much smaller profile that makes it invisible under clothes, even tight pants.

Shorter is better. It turns out that once chastity device makers figure this out, buying an inexpensive, off-the-shelf device will be very easy. If length turns out to be a non-issue, then what is important. It turns out that the base ring diameter and the cage diameter are both critical. Everyone who has dabbled with a chastity device knows that the diameter of the base ring spells the difference between wearable and misery.

Getting the right size base ring isn’t rocket science. It needs to be small enough so that balls can’t escape and large enough to wear comfortably without the need for any lube. In my case it’s 1-3/4″ diameter. Cage diameter is just as important. Again, it’s not a critical measurement, but the cage diameter should be between 1/4″ and 1/2″ narrower than the diameter of your penis. Too narrow a cage can get uncomfortable. Too wide and the head isn’t held in position.

The Holy Trainer V3 Nano is the first high quality over-the-counter chastity device that qualifies as short enough. The other so-called short models are way too long to work the way they should. I’ll be reviewing the Nano in the next few weeks.

Meantime, I’ll be doing my first long term test of the custom 3D-printed cage.

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