Lion reports that his leg is less swollen and hurts less than yesterday. I’m glad. It was a nasty bruise and I knew it would take some time to feel better.

The pain slowed us down for a few days. Luckily Lion’s horniness won out and we were able to play again. He even got an orgasm out of the deal. I’m still not willing to make any long term plans but I will commit to more snuggling and playing. It’s been a few days so he should be horny again today, especially since his leg isn’t in as much pain.

Anything we do will be leg-friendly. No punishment swats. No standing in the corner. Just Lion on his back enjoying some much needed attention. He’ll be happy to hear that.

Understandably, Lion is reluctant to use the stairs in the garage. He’s been very unsteady on his feet but we also need to build a railing. I guess we’ll try to do that this weekend. I think I can do it mostly by myself so Lion doesn’t have to worry about smashing his leg into anything in the process. I just want Lion to feel safe on the stairs again.