Sometimes Pain is a Bad Thing

Lion has been horny the past few nights. I have no idea why since his leg still hurts from his fall on Sunday. But why ask why? Just edge him and have some fun.

I did edge him Monday night. He thought I was going for a ruined orgasm. I’ve only given him one ruined orgasm on purpose. The rest have been mistakes. I was not trying to give him a ruined orgasm. I was trying to turn him into a writhing puddle of horniness. I think it worked.

Yesterday his leg hurt enough to go to the doctor. They took x-rays and found out his leg isn’t broken. We didn’t think it was but it was good to know officially. He doesn’t have an infection. It’s “just” a deep tissue injury. I don’t think there’s much you can do for that. The doctor just keep saying she wasn’t going to prescribe narcotics. Fine. But if Tylenol isn’t helping then telling him to take Tylenol is useless. Dr. Mrs. Lion told him to take Tylenol with Aleve. It’s known as the poor man’s Percocet. It helped knock a lot of the pain down.

Once the pain was lessened Lion was able to endure more edging. This time I really wanted him to think I was going to give him a ruined orgasm on purpose. Of course I knew I would quickly salvage it. I think I accomplished it. He didn’t look too sure at the end if I was going to continue or not.

Today I’m thinking I screwed up. I’m not sure what I could have done with his leg being so sore, but somehow I should have given him an oral orgasm. I don’t want to get too far behind in the oral versus hand job statistics. I may wind up giving him an oral orgasm every day in December if I’m not careful.


  1. Author

    I think that you definitely didn’t “screw up” at all! Sure Lion wanted an orgasm – very much, it sounds like, and certainly it would have felt good (duh).However, I can pretty much guarantee that enjoyed being denied, and is enjoying it even more today. He loves it when you exert your power over him, especially in this area.

    (I wouldn’t sweat the statistics very much…)

  2. Author

    Sounds like you did what you thought best. Isn’t that a keyholders privilege? I am frustrated when Mi Amor says “not today, sorry. Better luck tomorrow” but love that she stepped in to her role and exerts her place…… She is in control as I asked her to be. Almost a year now and the male chastity/flr lifestyle is working for us.

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