Frequent Ejaculations In A Male Chastity Relationship.

We’re slowly rejoining the world. I worked from home for most of the day and went back to bed for the rest. I’m not happy about how long it’s taking to get well. I’m still not eating much. I’ve lost about ten pounds over the last week or so. That’s the one thing I like about all this.

I’ve been thinking about enforced chastity and me. It isn’t doubt about whether or not we should stop or change our power exchange. It’s more about the role ejaculation plays in all this.

It seems like a no-brainer. if you lock up a cock, you must be doing it to limit it’s ability to get hard and ejaculate. I can’t argue with that. Most guys focus on the suppression of erection and ejaculation. Pretty much everything I’ve read on the subject is about that. Some believe that there is a purity in suppression of ejaculation. It is better to wait longer. In that light, I’m a horrible case. My orgasms are rarely more than a week apart.

Aside from the hardware, some guys report they are more submissive if made to wait for their next ejaculation. They claim to be more willful and dominant for days after getting release. I certainly hope that isn’t the case. I know I am different for a day or two after I come. I lose interest in another orgasm. It’s my extended refractory period. However, I’m not more or less controlling. I’m not willful. I’m just me not yet ready for another ejaculation.

After our years of enforced male chastity, I haven’t changed in any fundamental way. My cock is the same size. It takes about the same amount of time for me to come. That’s not surprising. But, it is true that after an intense edging session I am frustrated and a little grumpy. No surprise there.

What then, is the value of ejaculating? It’s a natural relaxant. It takes sexual tension out of me. My attention  shifts from sex to other things. I’m not sexually obsessive. When I’m horny, sex is far from the most important thing on my mind. But it is there. After ejaculating, sex is off the table for a while.

That’s what got me thinking. I change after sex by not being particularly interested in it. I’m more focused on he rest of what’s happening. That’s a good thing, right? There’s lots of folklore about a satisfied male being the best company, etc. Ejaculation is seen as a social lubricant. Men who are sexually satisfied are better company.

Those of us who are made to wait are less lubricated, so to speak. Frustration is seen as a motivator for properly submissive behavior. When, in fact, the opposite may be the case. Being locked in a chastity device is not an automatic signal that the penis inside it wants sexual starvation. I disagree.

The device gives the keyholder complete control over sex for the caged male. If he gets regular, frequent ejaculations, he should be in a mellow, agreeable mental state. If he fails in his role, the device can be left on and he can be reminded of how frustration feels. I think I will work just as hard for my next orgasm whether it is three days or three weeks off. The only difference is how obsessed I will be about finally getting to ejaculate.

Fat, happy, satisfied and locked up is just as powerful as locked and frustrated.


  1. Author

    I’m glad that the Lions are both starting to feel better!

    Regarding the topic of this post, and sadly for the fulfillment of my fantasies, I believe that I’m noticeably more productive when I am sexually satisfied. Rather than having more energy and focus for non-sexual endeavors, which are often-touted benefits of male orgasm denial, I find that increasing my hornyness level seems to distract me more. Part of this may be due to my role as an independent consultant – my work is often, or usually, alone, so my attention can easily wander.

    In fact, during occasional “heroic effort” periods of intense work demand (which can end up being a week or more of 16-hour days), I find I’m at my most productive if I masturbate when first awakening, perhaps once during the day, and just before sleep at night – the last sometimes ending with me falling asleep before completion. I should mention that these periods usually occur when I’m out of town – at home, I rarely masturbate, since I much prefer saving all of my sexual energy for my wife. I sometimes find that I’m less productive that way, as a result.

    None of this decreases the allure of chastity for me, however; it’s the topic of my most frequent masturbatory fantasies. Our life seems to be “normalizing” with me locked up to be released when my wife desires, but also when work gets heavy, or when my wife isn’t interested in the “game”. Our relationship is extremely close – always has been – and the supposed benefits of male chastity for the wife (increased non-sexual interest, and apparently the desire to watch chick flicks and do dishes) don’t magically materialize when I’m locked up. I’m very involved with her at all times anyway, and we both cater nauseatingly to each other much of the time.

    Just another perhaps non-typical data point in the whole crazy chastity kink, I guess…

    1. Author

      It’s the same with me. I’m better when not super horny.

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