Assuming I can stay awake long enough to finish out the day at work I’ll buy bananas on the way home in an effort to find something Lion can eat. Last night’s Chinese food resulted in Lion eating a wonton and a few spoonfuls of soup and an egg roll about an hour later. Yesterday’s orange did not sit well in his stomach. I hope a banana will work better.

The good news is that my cough is keeping me awake so far. No one else is in my immediate office this morning. We’ve been short staffed so both people normally in my “cell block” are downstairs. Everything is quiet. Perfect for a nap.

Lion had a rough night and I assume that is contributing to my sleepiness. For my part, I took Nyquil type medicine and it knocked me out. That may also be contributing to my sleepiness. I noticed a few weeks ago that I was in a fog after taking night time cold medicine for a few days. My theory is that the sleep aid builds up and eventually I struggle to stay awake during the day. Of course, last night was the first time I’ve taken it in a few weeks. I think my cold has just had it with me and has put me on notice that I need to stay home. And that is my plan for tomorrow.

Ironically, I told Lion I wanted to do nothing at all on my birthday weekend and it looks like that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. Not quite how I had envisioned it but I was looking forward to staying in bed for a good portion of the weekend.

Despite Lion’s rough night I think he’s starting to come out of his cold. He does too. My fingers are crossed. And I can’t wait to get back home tonight to hunker down and snooze with him.


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    Aaawww you two. I’m fighting a damn head cold that seems to get more ferocious every day. I so hope you are both on the way to getting better and quickly. Hugs. ?

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    I hope you are better soon.

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