Leftover Chinese Food

When I left for work this morning I told Lion I’d see how far I made it today. Yesterday I left an hour early because I wanted to make sure I made it home while I was still able to. Today I am taking maximum strength medication. The productive cough I started out with has dwindled to an annoying hack. I’d rather have the productive cough. At least I’d feel like something was happening.

Lion is still flat on his back. I’m trying to get him to sit up more. We do have an adjustable bed. I think if he sits up he’ll feel better. And he needs to drink more water. I know it’s hard for him to navigate out to the kitchen but he wasn’t drinking last night either. And he didn’t eat his chicken soup. I hope he does today.

The challenge for me is to figure out what sort of dinner he’ll feel like eating. I thought he’d be all over the soup. Not so. If I bring home Chinese food will he eat any of it? Of course Chinese food is still good for leftovers so he could nibble on it for days. Now I’m hungry for Chinese food. Good thing it’s almost lunch time.

My appetite has not slowed down much. I did get a little nauseous yesterday but it passed quickly. Then again I’m not as sick as Lion has been. I may be heading that way but so far I’m not. The problem will be if Lion isn’t feeling well when I finally fall over. In those cases I usually still wobble to the kitchen for both of us.

For now I’m still standing and I’ll bring Lion Chinese food tonight whether he wants it or not.