Pity Party

Yesterday at work I felt nauseous. There was no reason for it. I hadn’t eaten anything weird. Everything else seemed normal. And then it passed. Until it was back. The nausea gave way to intermittent pain and then nothing before it all began again. I still have no idea what was going on but there was no play in the Lions’ den last night.

As he was getting ready for bed, Lion made a comment that things would never get back to normal if I’m sick. Excuse me? If I’m sick? It seems to me we’re both still feeling the effects of being sick and he was sick longer. The comment reminded me of his post saying he didn’t want to go back in the cage. I thought the cage would help signal the return to normalcy. But it’s inconvenient? Unlocking him and locking him for the past three or four years hasn’t been inconvenient? His surgeries haven’t been inconvenient for me too? I’m not going to that pity party, thank you very much!

Lion is going back in the cage this weekend. Things will go back to normal. He will snap out of whatever funk he’s in. It’s spring time. New beginnings and all that crap. I get that he’s feeling down about losing strength and time to his surgeries but he’s never going to regain strength if he doesn’t try. And that’s me, the self-proclaimed optimistic pessimist, talking. We both know what we need to do to get in better shape. We both need to get off our asses. Or on our asses if it involves a piece of exercise equipment.

Today we have some errands to run. If there’s time I’ll manscape him. We don’t celebrate Easter so there’s no reason we can’t play tomorrow. And if he’s manscaped there’s no reason he can’t go back in the cage tomorrow night, if not tonight. I don’t know how to use a whip but I think I might have to learn to get Lion back on track.