Lion’s tummy has been bothering him for a few days. He reminded me yesterday was Box O’Fun night but when I brought it out he said he didn’t know if he could handle it. He asked if we could postpone whatever he selected. When he chose Velcro he said it was probably doable. I waited a little bit and asked if he wanted to wait until tonight. He said he did.

This morning his tummy is still wonky. He didn’t finish his coffee. I’m not even sure he started his coffee. He must be feeling bad. We can put off play for as long as he needs to. I’ve been very tired but I’m sure I can stay awake long enough to play.

Needless to say, with tummy issues and tiredness, we just held hands last night. Thankfully my back cramps have eased quite a bit. Every now and then I get a twinge but it’s a lot better than it was. To put it simply, we’re both a mess. There may not be any excitement in the Lion’s den for a few days.

Lion wondered yesterday how I view ownership of my penis. I wasn’t sure exactly what kind of an answer he was looking for. I told him owning it means I can call it Mr. Weenie even if Lion thinks that’s silly. Too bad. He’s mine. I told him it means Mr. Weenie is mine to play with and his to use only to pee. If I want him out of the cage he comes out. If I want him in he stays in. Lion has no say unless there’s a reason like a sore or a doctor appointment. I guess that satisfied him. I’m sure the issue will come up again shortly. Lion tends to get insecure about things like that.

There have been nights I’ve unlocked Lion even though he didn’t feel up to playing. I think Mr. Weenie needs to come out to “stretch”. Sometimes I just like to hold him. I’m not trying to get Lion hard. I think tonight may be one of those nights. At the very least my weenie needs to be realigned in the cage.

As a matter of fact last night Lion said sometimes he likes to be wild. I told him it was too bad. Besides that he’d been wild overnight last weekend. How often should a caged weenie be allowed to be wiljd? I think I’d know best. It is, after all, my weenie.

We haven’t been up to much. Mrs. Lion’s back is bothering her and we have a lot more work to do around the house. I’m getting used to my collar. I’m actually able to wear it longer each day. I’m not sure how much effect my wearing it has on Mrs. Lion. For that matter, it’s unclear to me how much it is changing me.

Change tends to be slow for us. It took Mrs. Lion more than four years to fully accept that she owns my penis. Now that she has internalized this, she is much more interested in keeping me locked except when she is actively playing with it.

I can’t say that I’m completely comfortable with this. I’m not innately submissive. I’m a BDSM switch and most of my life has been spent as a top. I truly love to bottom and for many reasons, I want Mrs. Lion to have the dominant role in our marriage. Since we haven’t really talked about the idea of ownership, I wonder how Mrs. Lion views it.

I have relatively little trouble with the concept of her owning my penis as a toy. There are times I’m not happy about that idea. It isn’t because I am horny and feel frustrated I can’t take things into my own hand. It’s deeper than that.

I think it has to do with surrender. I’m just not good at it. Also, our relationship isn’t even close to the fantasy FLR’s I read about. It’s true that Mrs. Lion enforces her rules. But she doesn’t expand her authority. I’m prepared to accept it if she wants more control. I may even thrive if she does. The one area where she has made progress is in letting me know with her paddle, when I annoy her enough. At least she did it once.

On the other hand, she has been consistent in her enforcement of my rules. That’s excellent progress. I have no doubt that if I break a rule, I will feel it. She’s still pretty gentle with her spankings. I definitely get the message. I just suggest that she turns up the intensity a little. I’m curious (there’s the word that gets me in big trouble) to see how stronger spankings affect me.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to stay out of trouble. Spankings are fairly rare now. I’m happy about that. All in all, we are making progress in all areas of our FLR with discipline. We just move slowly.