As Lioness 2.0 is finding her way, echos of past activities and ideas are returning to life. For example, years ago when I was exploring the bottom role, I suggested that I wear a collar. In BDSM the collar is worn as a symbol of ownership. It is also humiliating in the similarity to something pets wear. I wore one for some time. It wasn’t full time, but it was enough so that one of the collars shows significant wear.

When I asked for more training/humiliation, 2.0’s response was to tell me to wear a dog collar full time, except when I am in public. I hadn’t even considered that she would make me do that. So, for the last few days I am naked and collared at home. The collar isn’t entirely comfortable. I am aware of it constantly. I was unable to sleep in the new “Lion” (embroidered) collar. For sleep, I have reverted to my old, red collar that is bigger and more comfortable.

Getting used to wearing a collar all the time is more difficult for me than getting used to the chastity device. I am generally unaware that I am caged. The Jail Bird fits perfectly and almost never announces its presence. The collars, on the other hand, constantly let me know they are there. I expect that in a week or so I will have grown used to wearing one. Mrs. Lion has let me know that the collar isn’t going away any time soon. I don’t think I look good in either collar. I asked her how she liked it and she answered that she likes the way it looks on me. Things like this that are consistently required have a very positive effect on me. If 2.0 starts teaching me doggy tricks, I expect that the effect will be similarly arousing.

There is physical evidence that 2.0 is having a strong effect on me. Last night when she unlocked me for some edging, there were deep grill marks on the head of my penis. The only way I get these marks is by trying to have an erection inside my cage. The pressure of the blood flowing into my penis forces the head against the front of the cage and forms those deep marks. The marks fade if I am wild for an hour or two and there is no sign of any damage. In fact, I think the marks prove the cage is correctly sized. The head is always touching the bars and naturally, additional pressure would leave marks.

Mrs. Lion is silent about her plans for me. I read about them the same time you do here in the blog. I like it this way, I think. She never fails to surprise me. Yes, she usually does something I suggested but never does it the way I imagined. Please note that there are no suggestions here today.

Thursday night was our scheduled punishment time. We have two a week: Monday and Thursday. I was spanked for emailing Mrs. Lion that she “should” do something. She hates that and reminds me with her paddle. This time the reminder was fairly mild. I’m glad she was in a good mood.  I am pretty sure that mood won’t last. I think she has some play plans for this weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. Author

    Just have to mention to the suggestophile, you said there is no suggestion in this and you have again mentioned teaching doggie tricks. I expect you will probaly be playing catch by the end of the week.

    1. Author

      Maybe. It could be fun. However, Mrs. Lion tends to ignore many of my “ideas”. I am wearing the collar. Woof!

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