Silver Lining

While cleaning out our spare bedroom I used a lot of muscles I don’t normally use. My calves are sore and yesterday afternoon my back tightened up. I was all right once I got in a position but getting there was painful. Despite that, I made dinner and did some vacuuming. Later on I decided the horny Lion needed some attention.

Several times throughout the day Lion told me he was horny. It ranged from horny to very horny. When I unlocked him he said we didn’t have to play. He knew I was hurting. I told him if I could find a comfortable position we’d play. He was concerned that it was late and he might take a while to get anywhere. I suggested the Magic Wand. He rarely turns down a date with the Magic Wand.

He did, in fact, get hard almost immediately. I know the rhythm he likes so I settled in with it. Then I changed it and changed back again. I can’t have him thinking I won’t throw a curve ball in here and there. Eventually I did get him to the edge. I waited a minute before I started again. Then I got greedy. I restarted quickly a few times. And then I went too far. Lion had a ruined orgasm.

I think he was annoyed. While I don’t like giving him ruined orgasms, there is a silver lining. He still produces some ejaculate and I love ejaculate. A few minutes later I told him to put his ring on. He said he needed to calm down first. Since a ruined orgasm doesn’t complete the cycle he was still hard. Even after he put his ring on he wasn’t completely soft yet. Poor weenie.

Lion reminded me that I could have continued on for a real orgasm. My argument was that he said in a recent post he hoped I didn’t give him an orgasm too soon. He said it’s been a week. I never know what he considers too soon. It’s all in his mind. In my mind last night was too soon. When will it not be too soon? I don’t know. I’m sure it will be not too soon one of these days.