Thursday night was my second orgasm of this trip. Mrs. Lion has certainly made this vacation special for me. We aren’t used t the amount of walking and standing we have been doing. We love every minute of it. By the time we leave on Monday, we will be ready for another vacation. I know, that’s what everyone says. Our typical vacation is much more restful.

Mrs. Lion commented that I don’t need to break any rules on purpose to earn a spanking. I just seem to get into trouble without trying. I guess she is right. in any case, I’m avoiding trouble pretty well so far. I’m also not thinking about discipline or power exchanges right now.

I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t hurt that I’ve had two orgasms in the last few days and lots of really cool non-sexual distractions. I am also sure that Mrs. Lion isn’t distracted and if I happen to forget a rule, I will be reminded of our FLR. Meanwhile, I’ll keep enjoying our time together.


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    With no posts for the past couple of days I hope it’s because you’re having too much fun on your trip.

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