We fly home today. I’m ready! We’ve done more walking than I usually do in a month, or more. We had a great time. I wish we could do it every month. I’m sure my legs would get stronger over time. Saturday night I was so tired I couldn’t write a word. It took me forever to get to sleep. Finally at about 3am, I fell asleep. To my surprise I woke up at 11:30 in the morning. Wow, that gives you an idea how exhausted I was.

We went to a very good seafood restaurant for dinner. The sea bass was melt-in-your-mouth. It also kept sliding off my fork, in one case, right onto my shirt. Even though I was exhausted, after my shower Mrs. Lion got her hairbrush and tapped me on my thigh. I sighed heavily and said that I was really tired. “I know,” she said. I rolled over and got my first hotel spanking from Mrs. Lion.It hurt and my butt was red.

Yesterday was more of the same. We did start later, but off we went in search of adventure. Once more, we had lots of fun and barely made it back to our room. What a vacation! This is a time we will talk about the rest of our lives.

I could say that when we get home the rules go back in full force. But the truth is that they’ve been in full force throughout this trip. Yesterday afternoon, when slogging along, I realized that I’ve changed in a fundamental way: I absolutely want to know what Mrs. Lion thinks and I want to accommodate her every wish.

No, this isn’t some puppy-dog BDSM obedience thing. I genuinely want to make my mate happy. I’m not going to say that I didn’t want to before our power exchange. I did. But I didn’t realize all the things I did to roll over her. I’m not saying I am near perfect yet, but I’m different; I hope for the better.

You can teach an old lion new tricks.