A Bad Day

Now that the holidays are over, it’s tough to settle back into my routine. I got locked up again last night. I didn’t sleep very well. I don’t think the device was to blame. When I returned to work today, there were a few times the device pinched me when I was at my desk. I had to adjust a little on the way home as well.

This is a bit unusual. I chalked it off to the holiday break from sitting in one place for long periods. I also think I’ve been spoiled by eight months of being wild. Ok, I admit it, I miss being locked up when I’m wild and don’t like the discomfort associated with full-time lockup when the cage is on. There’s just no pleasing me. I wonder if this is something that other guys go through as well.

Of course, I am extremely lucky to have a partner who is active in her role as my keyholder. She locks me up and unlocks me when she wants me wild. I never lock or unlock myself. I do put my base ring on and remove it. Mrs. Lion worries about hurting me when threading my balls and penis through the ring.

I think we are both a bit ambivalent about what role the hardware should play in our power exchange. Or, perhaps she is reflecting my own introspection about whether or not I want or need the cage. After four years, it’s amazing that we’re keeping it up. We are and have no intention of ending our power exchange. I just don’t know if we need the chastity device.

I’ve changed a lot in the last four years. I can’t even imagine masturbating. If Mrs. Lion doesn’t want to give me sex, then I don’t have it. The cage has nothing at all to do with that.

It isn’t as though I have a choice. I will be locked up as long as Mrs. Lion chooses. But I can have days like yesterday, when it feels like an inconvenience I don’t need. Today is a new day. By this time tomorrow, I may be an enthusiastic fan again.


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    When my GirlFriend left for her 3 week excursion in South America, she unlocked me. I was thus wild for those 3 weeks. However, during that time I would wear my cage without the lock because I felt naked without it. The day before she arrived back home I locked myself up. Now we have a problem because she is not sure about our relationship.Thus I have been locked for the entire month of December. I have gone longer periods of being locked but this seems more intense since I don’t know what will happen to our relationship. To me that is most important.

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